This past year has been a challenge...
We all have had to adjust to changes in our personal and professional lives. As a group, we've embraced Zoom meetings, focussed on learning more about our members through social media profiles, and had a couple outdoor events.

Kendra Allen was a fabulous president who confidently led our group through the highs and lows of 2019-2020. She helped secure some great speakers, oversaw venue changes due to renovations and helped spearhead our online meetings.

As long standing member, Nancy Koebel said: "Kendra you did an awesome job of pivoting when everything changed due to covid."

Member Kristin Moore was asked to create a piece of jewelry as a thank you gift for our president. She created a cuff bracelet that she can see it when typing on the computer and read its message: #empowered. This is the heart of our group: supporting and cheering on our members as we grow and navigate change.

Thank you to all of the women on our Executive from 2019-2020.


Why join the KWBWA

Build Relationships

...with successful women in your community

Referral Group help grow your customer/client base


...with diverse business professionals


...learn from other members in the group

Empower Others

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...advertising opportunity through networking

Weekly Lunch Meetings

Our weekly lunches are a chance to connect with our members, have a fantastic meal and listen to a Career Talk, a Career Update, Panel Discussion or an informative address by a guest speaker. Guests are welcome at all of our Weekly Lunch Meetings.

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