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Kitchener Waterloo Business Women's Association


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How to Become a Member

We welcome any women who conduct business primarily within Waterloo Region, Ontario. Each prospective member represents a classification of business not already represented. Only one person is permitted per classification and each member is only allowed to represent one category.

Each prospective member is sponsored by a current member and attends two luncheon meetings prior to applying formally for membership.

Types of Membership

  1. Personal Membership
    You pay membership fees. If you change companies, your membership is transferable between companies of a similar nature.
  2. Corporate Membership
    Your company pays your fees. Membership stays with the company and is transferrable to another woman in the company.

Membership Fees

Monthly membership dues are payable monthly or quarterly to the association. For more information on our current fees please contact our Membership at

Member Obligations

  • Each member is requires to attend a minimum of one in four meetings to remain in good standing with the KWBWA. If she cannot attend, she is able to send an alternate from her place of business to represent her.
  • Failure to attend the minimum number of meetings or to pay the dues as required may result in the termination of membership.
  • Members in good standing have the option to give a Career Talk or Update from time to time.
  • New members are required to a New Member Talk to introduce themselves and their products or services.

Member Application

If you would like to apply for membership, please complete our
Membership Application Form.

I have been a member of KWBWA for almost 8 years. I love this group so much. Eight years ago I opened my Acupuncture Clinic. As a newcomer to Canada, I had no idea how to get more clients and how to grow my business until a friend suggested I join this networking group. How lucky I was to join.

Members are just like family to me. They not only help me in my business, but in personal matters too. It's wonderful to always have others available to me.

It is this group that helped me through my first tough first year in business, making things smoother and easier.

Thank you so much to all the members and board members for giving me such an opportunity. I will be a member forever.

Dr. Wang
KW Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic

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We welcome any women who conduct business primarily within the Waterloo Region!