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Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers - Jean McFarlane and Kathy Bissett of the Waterloo County Quilters' Guild
  • December 16, 2021

Today we heard from Jean McFarlane and Kathy Bissett of the Waterloo County Quilters' Guild who spoke to us about their ongoing community outreach, charity support programs and other special projects!

They are delighted that they are able to make a difference in the lives of others by doing what we most love to do, with needle and thread.

Jean is a long time sewing enthusiast who is relatively new to the quilting world. She is slowly transitioning to domestic sewing machine quilting, helped along by the purchase of a new machine in the last year.

Kathy is a highly talented quilter who has taught classes locally, nationally and internationally, designed patterns and been a mentor for many quilters in her guild and far beyond. The WCQG actively coordinates several on-going outreach programs and is quick to take on additional initiatives as the need arrives. Volunteers coordinate these projects and occasionally hold quilting bees and/or assemble kits for work at home.

We never know when the next request will come, but we are ready, with needle and thread.

For more information please view their
Power Point Presentation: PPTX.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

2021 Christmas Luncheon

  • December 6, 2021

It was SO nice to sit down with the ladies of the #kwbwa for our Christmas luncheon today. And of course the food at Charcoal Steakhouse was amazing!

Carolyn Pegg - Hallman Business Forms, Labels & Printing
26 Year Anniversary
  • December 1, 2021

Novermber marked 26 years that Hallman Business Forms, Labels & Printing has been with the KWBWA. Carolyn Pegg who has represented her business as a member since 2002 said...
I have enjoyed the group very much and, over the years, we have done alot of work for the members, both business related and personal. I have missed the lunches because i always really liked the opportunity to talk to different people about all sorts of topics. You can't really have multiple conversations on a ZOOM call. Having spent my whole working life with alot of people around me, I've needed that camaraderie in my life and I've really missed it these past 20 months!

Thank you, Carolyn for your contributions to the #kwbwa. You are useful member whose value to our group is appreciated by others.

Contact Carolyn for any assistance for your business printing needs! Website:

Guest Speaker
  • November 26, 2021
Guest Speaker - Marisa McIntyre

What an entertaining presentation from Marisa McIntyre! Our faces were hurting from smiling and laughing as we listened to her behind-the-scenes stories from the world of acting.

We were all reminded that to be successful you need to be a "yes" person, but to maintain your focus and mental health, you have to remember to say no once in a while too.

Originally from Mississauga, ON, Marisa is an established dance educator, performer and choreographer with advanced training in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, modern, contemporary, musical theatre and hip hop.

Marisa has been working as a performer since her first break at 13 with The Stratford Festival, as Amaryllis in The Music Man. Since then she has worked across Canada and abroad in Film and Television, Theatre, and as a Voice Artist. As with most every performer, she is also an entrepreneur and runs various small businesses as well as being the Creative Director of a Staffing and Events Company. Generally her Arts works is where her heart lives.

Thank you, Marisa for taking the time to speak to our group!

20 Year Anniversary
  • November 4, 2021

October marked 20 years that #PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, represented by Catherine Hibbard has been a member of the KWBWA!

Several members have become PwC clients over the years and we've assisted with tax compliance and advised on how to tax-efficiently structure their businesses. In my current role in PwC's National Tax Publications group, I try to keep the membership updated with any "breaking" tax developments and fun bedtime reading ;)

Catherine loves the strength of the KWBWA's referral network (we have some very well-connected members) and the enthusiasm of members to support each other, personally and professionally. Whenever she meets a female business owner out in the community, she invites them to become a member of the KWBWA, because it's such a fun and vibrant group.

Contact Catherine with any questions you may have regarding tax planning and Canadian compliance services!

Thank you, Catherine for your contributions to the #kwbwa. You are a valued member.

Here's what their representative, Catherine Hibbard had to say about her time with the Association: PwC has a business membership with the KWBWA and has had several representatives over the 20 years it's been a member, in the tax services category. I've been involved with the KWBWA since January 2012, which I can't believe is almost 10 years!! I've always been a bit in awe of the entrepreneurial members (their creativity and courage to just get out there with their businesses) and have learned a lot from them.

When Catherine first joined she was new to networking and felt very shy, but now feel comfortable chatting with new people. She loves learning about their businesses and what they're passionate about. Catherine really enjoys the variety of speakers at our weekly lunch meetings and her two years as membership coordinator really helped her get to know the whole association better.

KW Record Readers' Choice Awards 2021
  • October 28, 2021
  • Congratulations to Nancy Koebel, Karen Savage, Marie Wolf on their awards!

    • Nancy Koebel
      Lyfstyle Financial Inc. - Insurance / Investment Company
    • Karen Savage
      Heffner Toyota - Best Auto Salesperson
    • Marie Wolf
      Promyse Home Care - Best Home Health Care and Senior Services

    New Member Talk
    • October 28, 2021

    What a fabulous Zoom presentation today from #kwbwa member Rebecca Byers on "How To Be Happy... According To Science". She discussed these 12 Happiness Building Strategies:

    1. Express Gratitude
    2. Cultivate Optimism
    3. Avoid Overthinking and Social Comparison
    4. Nurture Relationships
    5. Practice Acts of Kindess
    6. Develop Coping Skills
    7. Learn to Forgive
    8. Practice Spirituality or Religion
    9. Take Care of Body and Mind
    10. Pursue Meaningful Goals
    11. Increase Flow Experiences
    12. Savour Life's Joys
    Learn 12 proven paths to happiness and simple strategies you can start today

    Rebecca Byers is a health promotion & wellbeing educator, coach and solopreneur. In her business, Thrive, she helps women Live Well & Be Happy through personal development and wellbeing programs, coaching, resources and events based on positive psychology.

    She lives in one of Waterloo Region's small towns and finds happiness through yoga, trail walks, personal growth books and podcasts, and planning fun activities to enjoy with friends and family.


    Congratulation to our draw winner: Sharon Sweeney. Sharon's name was drawn from those attending our Zoom presentation and won of a pair of tickets to Julian Taylor and Friends(November 18) at Centre In The Square!

    UPDATE from Sharon: What a magical evening! Thank you Rachelle for your generous offer in "Sweetening the Pot"! And as the lucky recipient, I cannot truly put into words what a fabulous evening it was!
    Here are a few thoughts: The lineup of talented artists...Wow! The energy from the stage and within the audience... Electrifying! The overall message... Unifying! Joanne and I had a wonderful evening with our spouses and it felt amazing to be back in a theatre again!

    Waterloo Chronicle Readers' Choice Awards 2021
    • October 12, 2021

    Congratulations to Kristin Werner, Star Performance Academy on their recent awards!

    • Children's Entertainment (D)
    • Dance Studios (D)
    • Kids Camps (D)
    • Summer Camps (D)
    • Kristin Werner Dance Instructor (D)
    • Kids Activities (P)
    • Employer (P)
    • Professional Services (G)

    In person at Moxies
    Lunch @ Moxie's
    • September 30, 2021

    What an absolute pleasure it was to have an in-person gathering with the #KWBWA!

    Everyone was so happy to reconnect and catch up. And the food at Moxie's was delicious!

    Hopefully we can get back to regular in-person meetings soon.

    40th Anniversary Virtual Celebration on ZOOM!
    • June 3, 2021

    Cheers to 40 years and beyond!
    Capturing the many lovely faces of those who joined us for our KWBWA 40th Anniversary Celebration!

    Congratulations to Paty Cholewcznski of Shoreline Glow, the winner of our $1,000 Lift Gift
    What a GREAT event!

    Cheers to 40 years and beyond!

    We had past and present members, guests, our #kwbwaliftgift nominees, and even an appearance from MP Bardish Chagger. We gave away a ton of prizes, heard from young entrepreneur Kelly Lovell.

    Congratulations to Paty Cholewcznski of Shoreline Glow, the winner of our $1000 Lift Gift!!! AND to ALL the draw winners!!!

    Thanks for joining us to celebrate 40 fabulous years of women
    empowering women with K-W Business Women's Association!

    Giveaway Prize Winners
    1. Kid's Rooms & The Wonder Years. $50 value. Donated by Joanne Atkins, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (Tiffany Rezende)
    2. Latin Style & Bringing It Home. $50 value. Donated by Joanne Atkins, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management (Brigitte Gingerich)Giveaways
    3. Pair of Fill it Forward water bottles. $50 value. Donated by Sarah Goetz, Fill it Forward (Heather McKague)
    4. 4 Canaccord Genuity glasses. $40 value. Donated by Schaefer Financial (Kendra Allen)
    5. Arbonne water bottle and $50 Arbonne gift certificate. Donated by Mary-Lou Lang, Arbonne Independent Sales Consultant (Jessica Micheli)
    6. $50 gift certificate towards golf lessons with Connie Deckert of Fore U Enterprises. Donated by Hallman Business Forms (Nancy Lulay)
    7. Basil seeds. Donated by Elizabeth Uffelman Wing of Ontario Seed Company Ltd. (Given to all while supply lasted)
    8. $25 gift card and a variety of grocery items. Donated by America Latina Grocery & Eatery (Karen Toth)
    9. Custom Heffner plush blanket. Donated by Karen Savage of Heffner Toyota (Rebecca Byers)
    10. Conquering Cellulite and a $75 gift certificate for Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination treatment. Donated by Homeopathy Specialist Delia Simu (Nancy Koebel)
    11. KWBWA wine tumbler donated by Sharon Sweeney (Dianne Hanford)
    12. KWBWA wine tumbler donated by Leann Schiel (Karen Savage)

    Kristin Reynolds Moore of Buy Moore Jewelry - DONATION

    Everyone joining us on June 3 for our 40th anniversary celebration, had a chance to win a very special prize that we gave away at the beginning of the event!

    Handmade sterling silver and faceted ruby earrings. Secure lever back hook and hammered circle are simple and stylish. Value $70.00 - designed and donated by KWBWA member, Kristin Moore.

    Paty Cholewcznski

    The 40th Anniversary is known as the ruby anniversary. In designing the earrings Kristin naturally chose the ruby gemstone for its symbolic meaning and the round disc to represent the circle of friendship between the members and within the community. Congratulations to the winner: Carol Frankow.

    About Our Winner of the $1,000 Lift Grant!

    Paty Cholewcznski of Shoreline Glow. Paty is a Certified Esthetician, Certified Master Pedicurist, Published Makeup and Bronzing Artist and an Oncology Trained Esthetician (A safe approach to individuals going through cancer care). During this extensive training Paty, learned how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level. The program explored the side effects of cancer therapies, how those are compounded by various medications, and the importance of proper sanitation to support weakened immune systems.

    "Through the power of esthetic touch, I am dedicated to providing a soothing escape for individuals living with the effects of cancer. By safely and effectively working with the largest organ, the skin, I can directly support the psychological and physical care so necessary for a client living with cancer."

    Paty poured her heart and soul into opening her own spa, just a few months before nation wide lockdowns would change the lives of many business owners. She quickly pivoted to offer her products and services online and continues to find ways to connect with and inspire her clients.

    Visit Shoreline Glow Website:

    Annmarie Bordin
    Member Talk
    • May 20, 2021

    Annmarie Bordin, (Real Estate Investment Success Coach) enlightened us about Real Estate Investing 101!

    She has her own business teaching people how to create wealth through real estate investing. She explained the fundamentals about real estate investing but it's really about creating wealth through real estate investing.

    Her favourite part of the coaching is watching people reach their goals and watching them take it to the next level!

    Thank You Annmarie!

    Annmarie Bordin has been a member of the KWBWA since 2019.

    In Studio with Nadia Matos
    In Studio with Nadia Matos
    • May 11, 2021

    Nadia is joined by Tiffany Dawn, President of KWBWA to talk about the 40th Anniversary celebration and $1,000 Lift Gift.

    Listen and Watch the interview:

    Forty years is a lifetime and the Kitchener-Waterloo Business Women's Association is celebrating this milestone. The members are an incredible group of professional women that collaborate, build relationships, connect with the community and help other women in business!

    David Moylan - Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy
    KWBWA Speaker Series
    • April 15, 2021

    Thanks to all who joined us in the 2 part presentation by David Moylan, Head Instructor and Owner of the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy.

    David took us through some meditative breathing exercises and foundational stances!

    For more information about the talented team of Black Sash instructors who are available to instruct online, please visit the Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy website:

    Member Spotlight
    • April 1, 2021

    We have the awesome pleasure of highlighting one of our KWBWA members, Brigitte Gingerich. Brigitte loves to share her passion for travel and is inspired to help people see the world and experience the extraordinary. When you connect with Brigitte you instantly feel her enthusiasm for life and positive energy.

    Brigitte's parents instilled a love of travel and adventure at a young age. This passion helped shape her career in travel and love for exploring the world. Her Dad came to Canada with $10 in his pocket. In looking back on his life, it taught Brigitte you can flourish with hard work and courage if you're willing to take a chance.

    Brigitte Gingerich

    After completing university at Laurier, Brigitte met her husband Jeff, got married and started a family. Life was busy and full of adventure for the Gingerich family. In 2001 Brigitte was laid off and it was at that time she decided to take a chance on a career working as a travel agent. In doing so, this would allow Brigitte an opportunity to travel and the flexibility to stay home with their two children, Kobe and Hanna.

    A woman of authenticity, Brigitte lives true to her values, is unapologetically honest and fully in charge of her destiny. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious.

    Brigitte joined the KWBWA almost 20 years ago. Working from home gave her one day a week to meet with like-minded women and an opportunity to share her love of travel. She appreciates connecting with a diverse group of professional women and making new friends! Over the years Brigitte developed many amazing and long-lasting friendships through the KWBWA. Apart from the love of travel (anywhere and anytime) she enjoys photography, renovating, decorating, cooking, baking, golf and creating art! Most of all, Brigitte enjoys spending time with family, watching Kobe and Hanna spread their wings and of course, being courageous to dream big!

    We need more of that light and positivity in our lives. Thank you Brigitte, keep on shining!

    Please reach out to Brigette for your future adventure plans!
    She can be reached via email,

    "Be a traveller, not a tourist, experience a destination instead of just seeing the sites, connect with the locals and learn about their culture: it's an extraordinary experience you can't buy." Brigitte Gingerich

    KWBWA Speaker Series
    • February 18, 2021

    The KWBWA continues to pivot and adapt during this time. We were VERY excited to have our first guest speaker with us on ZOOM.

    We welcomed Cheryl Himburg a leadership and mindset coach, from Key Element Solutions. Cheryl Himburg Cheryl leverages her corporate experience and training as a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Practitioner to empower her clients to shatter their own glass ceiling and achieve ambitious results for both personal and business growth.

    From a young age Cheryl knew she wanted to grow up and have an impact on the world. It seemed lofty, but at her core it was always there, leading and inspiring her. She developed programs specifically for women to reshape assumptions, create community and collaboration over competition and to generate her ripple out effect for future generations.

    Comments from our members included:

    • Cheryl Himburg was a fantastic speaker today. All I can say is wow!!
    • I really enjoyed her talk!
    • Fantastic Speaker! Thanks so much!

    Cheryl derives genuine joy and satisfaction from inspiring others to aspire to greatness. Our next level requires the next level of YOU. You don't have to get there alone!

    Visit her website for more information:

    Member Spotlight
    • February 4, 2021

    We have the wonderful pleasure of highlighting Sylvie Drader. Sylvie leads with a generous heart and a compassionate soul. She enjoys all things creative and loves to share this passion with others while watching them gain confidence in themselves. Sylvie is a natural teacher who takes great joy in helping others grow. In 2007 she started her business with Stampin' Up, teaching women how to make beautiful greeting cards and has been acknowledged by her company with incentives for her persistence and passion to help others learn the craft. As an independent businesswoman Sylvie Draderworking in a home office, joining KWBWA has helped her connect with other professionals, expanding her horizon and meeting new people in our community..

    Sylvie is a volunteer and sponsor with Compassion Canada and has had the privilege of seeing firsthand how this organization helps worldwide. Recently Sylvie took up a new hobby, a century-old sociable tradition of French lace making, a hobby learned while visiting France. However, nothing holds a candle to the love of spending time with her five grandchildren. We are thankful for Sylvie and the meaningful contribution she brings to the greater good of our community and beyond.

    As she says, "When you give something you have made yourself, you also give a part of you."